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Strategic Planning & Execution

When business is supported by well conceived marketing strategies and the structures to turn them into reality, brand awareness, revenue, and profitability all improve.

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An ability to measure marketing attribution means an ability to respond quickly to market dynamics and learn from every marketing initiative.  Today, it's possible to measure virtually anything in the marketing lifecycle.

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I bring a unique combination of creative thinking, strategic orientation, and an ability to create multimedia content to drive execution of powerful, cross-channel campaigns.

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Digital Strategy & Transformation

Modern marketing requires a keen understanding of the tools available to create, execute, and measure marketing programs.  I'm a strong believer in martech and have implemented several technology platforms.

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Product Management

In managing products from concept through market launch, I rely on a strong technical aptitude to develop benefits-based value propositions that connect with prospective customers.

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Sales Enablement

At the end of the day marketing is all about creating incremental business opportunities and revenue. Uncovering, nurturing, and converting leads is a big part of what I do along with sales training and building tools that drive conversions.

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